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About Beth
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As a breeder, Beth’s insight with certain breeding plans and with evaluations on puppies can be truly amazing, which lends a great deal to her success.  She admits that she may not be right every time, but from the experience that she has garnered in the past 25 years, her knowledge of pedigrees, and from her intuitive nature, she will be right in most of her predictions. 

As a professional handler, Beth Johnson’s style, grooming, and presentation enhance the total package for the dog in the ring.  Her knowledge in structure and movement are apparent by the flair and confidence that she exudes in the conformation show ring.

Beth finishes more golden retrievers than any one single handler in the country.  She will also put more golden retrievers in the GRCA’s Show Dog Hall of Fame in a given year.  Beth’s daily regimen in conditioning (biking and exercise), grooming, and health maintenance have proven to provide her some of the best golden retrievers in the show ring today.  She strives to be at the top, which is why she chose “Summit” as her kennel name.  Her endeavors to continue to learn more will only compound the wealth of knowledge she already has about the breed. 

Beth Johnson
Professional Handler/Breeder
Cell: 920-246-5029
Email: summitgoldens@yahoo.com
Beth Johnson has been showing and breeding golden retrievers for 25 years.  Her humble beginnings started with attaining obedience titles on golden retrievers she had purchased from the likes of Ellen Manke of Amberac.  She eventually struck a profound passion in the conformation ring with the dogs she produced.   Through dedication and commitment, Beth has earned a strong and solid reputation for achieving the goals she sets out for her dogs and for those whom she feels will prove worthy for the breed as a whole.  Beth’s success is built on her drive to stay true with integrity in her breeding programs and her conviction with quality and type.  When she campaigns a golden, whether it is for championship titles or top ranked sporting dogs and bitches, she believes in that golden retriever whole heartedly, and she is determined to let every breeder, judge, and exhibitor know.  Her devotion to the breed will forever instill a lasting effect for generations to come.